Doctors and Staff


Dr Caroline Crosfield

Job Title
Half time Senior Partner

Dr Mark Elliott

Job Title
Full-time GP Partner

Dr Radhi Mangam

Job Title
Full-time GP Partner

Dr Marius van Vuuren

Job Title
3/4-time GP Partner

Dr Gregor Stern

Job Title
Full time GP Partner

Practice Staff

In addition to the doctors the following staff work for or are attached to the practice.


Who can see minor illnesses and prescribe the necessary treatment for a number of conditions, eg. urinary tract infections, chest infections, conjunctivitis etc.


We have three practice nurses who hold surgeries daily (Monday to Friday) in which they deal with injections, dressings, removal of sutures, ear syringing and general health education. They also operate specialist clinics, details of which can be found on the clinics page. One of our nurses has special responsibility for the elderly and will visit the over 75s routinely at home at least once a year to ensure their welfare and deal with any problems.


We have three health care assistants who can help you with blood tests, blood pressure checks, ECGs, spirometry and routine diabetic tests.


There are three community nurses based at the practice who provide nursing care and support to housebound patients and their carers. They can be contacted either via the surgery or on telephone number 03007 900 386.


Operates our antenatal clinic at the surgery and carries out home visits following delivery.

By using the appropriate member of the clinical team doctors' appointments can be saved for the more urgent/complicated medical problems.

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